Matt Ramalho (b. 1989), based in O'ahu, Hawai'i. His very first digital camera was a 4-megapixel Aiptek DV4500 that he received as a gift in 1999 & that's when it took off...

Growing up, he was heavily involved in skateboarding. The way he portrays things in his head, along with his personality & the lifestyle of a skateboarder, is what evolved into his style of shooting today.

During the phase of learning film photography, Matt realized that shooting film is so much more rewarding & you can't mimic the way a film photograph comes out. He sold his Canon 40D & only shot film for a few years. Experimenting with different films & cameras, he always kept it simple. During the ending of 2017, it had been years since he last touched a digital camera & felt it was time to change it up a bit. He abandoned the Canon scene & loaded up his bag with Fujifilm.

Ramalho enjoys shooting both digital & film photographs with natural lighting & believes each format gives off a different type of vibe.

Group Exhibitions

´╗┐Pow Wow Hawai'i - Day Job?: A Photography Exhibition, 2012
Curated by Eugene Kan of Hypebeast